Alpacas For Sale

We would like you to meet “Mai”, which in Japanese means “Little Dancer”.
Full of life she was back on August 29, 2006. She is the daughter of one of our original alpacas (a rose-gray) and was sired by our very first farm baby (white). As you can see, her colouring does not even come close to either her mother or father, which is not really out the ordinary for Chilean alpacas.
This seven year old lady had a knack of finding a way to push under a chain link fence. Not to worry though, as she responds well to her name, and would run over 100 yards to be let back in to her enclosure.
Mai has a beautiful light cinnimon coat and very fine.
She is “for sale”, but you must call to arrange for a viewing appointment. The number to call is: 613-258-4806