Alpaca Tales

Are alpacas safe to be around?

This is a common question being asked by visitors to our farm. The answer being “absolutely”. Rather than being agressive, alpacas are timid but inquisitive by nature. Whenever children come to visit, they will often cluster around the little folk wondering which hand will be the first to feed them some grain.
On occasion the alpaca will even come “nose to nose” with the visitors.

Will they bite?

Generally speaking, No – not in the true sense. The alpacas only have one row of teeth, those being on the bottom. They use these teeth to “scoop” their food, then grind the food on the roof of their mouth. With our fifteen years of handling alpacas, there has only been one incident of a finger finding its way into the mouth. We had a young male who was still occasionally nursing. The little buy mistook my finger for a part of his mom’s anatomy, and tried to suckle. The sensation was not as a bite, but rather pressure
on my finger. Stay tuned for yet another tidbit.